5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used - Calligraphy

5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used

5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used

By definition calligraphy is “the art of beautiful lettering”. There are several forms of calligraphy, mainly separated by their tools. These tools include, broad pen, brush, and pointed pen.”Italic”, “Gothic”, “German” and many people use broad pens for writing. “Copperplate”, “Spencerian”, “English Roundhand” and others use pointed pens to write. Modern lettering mainly uses brush pens. When it comes to calligraphy, there is also the more strict disciplined historical letterers and then the modern artistic gestural lettering. So go through this article and find out where all modern calligraphy is used!

The 5 Uses Of Modern Calligraphy: Where Is Modern Calligraphy Used?

5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used
5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used

Visual designers today use calligraphy to tell stories through letters. Here are some examples.


Calligraphy on a product label can tell you a deeper story than what it actually says. Further, when you see elegant flourished calligraphy on a wine bottle, it can tell you more about the heritage, source, and vintage before you start reading text on the label. Beer logos usually have gothic style lettering that is associated with Germany. Moreover, other food packaging such as salad dressing, chips, sauce, etc., may use calligraphy to communicate the feeling of the homemade and gourmet style of products.

Movies Create Custom Modern Calligraphy

Logos and props need to reflect the right time period, location, and characters. It is important to choose the correct calligraphy style for the story. Producers often go out of their way to have custom calligraphy for their films and that’s exactly where modern calligraphy comes in.


Modern style calligraphy is gaining huge popularity in the wedding industry which is still growing. Moreover, there many people who do wedding calligraphy for a living. What’s more, the US President has a calligraphy office in the White House to produce a handcrafted menu and place cards. A handwritten invitation gives invitees an incomparable personal and special feeling, no matter who they are.

Theme Parks Require Modern Calligraphy

Many designers work as an environmental graphic designer for a theme park company. Storytelling is what we do and calligraphy is a big part of it in the same way that it is used in movies. Even more so when we apply it in a physical environment. Imagine a castle with Helvetica typeface on a sign. That will not work at all. Theme parks need a more human touch in their logo and lettering.

5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used
5 Areas Where Modern Calligraphy Is Used


It may not always be feasible to hire a talented calligrapher for every single project, especially for personal use. Everyplace uses some form of calligraphy. Advertisements to personal branding projects use calligraphy. However, since hiring traditional calligraphers may become too expensive, brands are turning to a cheaper option – fonts. Of course, to get a customized modern calligraphic font is again expensive. It’s akin to hiring a traditional calligrapher.

Calligraphy is an evolving art form and of course, modern calligraphy is part of that very evolution. Historical sites link the letter forms. Time and place links these letter forms. Today we revived those styles to tell stories from the past and also still create new styles to tell the story of today. The invention of types and fonts relieved scribes from having to write the whole book in calligraphy. They let us create new letter forms freely that serve different functions than before.

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