5 Types of Modern Calligraphy Alphabet

Modern Calligraphy Alphabet

From making personalized greeting cards to invitations and personal projects, calligraphy can be used limitlessly. The modern calligraphy alphabet does not just stop in traditional designs. There are numerous fonts that you can use on various occasions. If you want to start modern calligraphy, it is time that you identify its different types.

Brush Pen Calligraphy

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You can use many pens now to do calligraphy. Brush pens typically have three sizes; small, medium, and large. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start on small brushes. You will have to work on your control, and a small brush can help you with that.

These brushes are perfect for beginners who are not familiar with some grips yet. You can adjust to the brushes by choosing the size.

Try using brands like Pentel Touch, Zebra Funwari, or Tombow Fudenosuke. They have different sizes and beautiful color selection. You can get these brush pens in any bookstore or art store in your area. If not, you can order it online.

Monoline Calligraphy

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This type of modern calligraphy uses a felt-tip or fountain pain. You will not get different thickness variations from the pen as it only creates simple letters. However, many still like this because of its simplicity.

So, if you are looking for a simple and neat type of calligraphy results, a monoline calligraphy font is the best one to use. This calligraphy font is best for anyone who wants to add cute fonts on their study notes.

Dip Pen Calligraphy

Dip pen is a type of modern calligraphy alphabet but has a metal nib that can flexibly move to create thin or thick lines. You can also call this a pointed pen calligraphy because the nib has a sharp point where you will dip it in ink before you can use it.

Dip pens can be challenging to use, but your invitation cards, business cards, and projects will become elegant once you become acquainted. It also makes you feel like you are travelled back in time where dip pens were the only pens used to write.

Watercolor Calligraphy

It can be the same with a brush pen, but this uses watercolor. You will fill your brush holder with water and dip with color that slips through the brush. But, if you will use this, make sure you have lots of control because the brushes are usually large and massive.

The watercolor calligraphy also has tons of color variations, and it gives out a subtle color which is relaxing to the eye when read.

Faux Calligraphy

Rather than using brushes, dip pens, and watercolor, this is made using a traditional brush or pen to copy thin and thick lines. It can take up so much time but very convenient because you will not need special tools.


Find the best modern calligraphy alphabet for you. You can use it in many things, especially if you want to add a personal touch on cards and invitations. Learn the basics of calligraphy by using these five types.

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