Amazing Typography Posters to Empower Your Creative Genius

Typography Posters

Typography posters are very playful but have a significant impact. It is one of the ideal ways to motivate and inspire people, address some critical issues, make a considerable impression, or initiate change. You can use a single word to express what is on your mind or use many phrases and letters to tell how you feel. It leaves the minds of people wondering, and they become creative, unlocking the idea behind it.

Breaking Bad by Snapdeal

A stack of flyers on a table

If you are the type to watch Netflix, you might be familiar or you’ve probably heard of the series Breaking Bad. Heisenberg is the alias of Walter White in Breaking Bad. He is a genius, and this TV series was a hit.

The poster looks cool, making the Heisenberg word his face. It uses a single word by seeing how creative it is made and turns into Walter White’s face. With just three colors, it already depicts art and how creative it turns out. It also attracts viewers to click on the series, which makes it a powerful strategy for the series to be watched.

Charlie Chaplin by Fine Art America

A table that has a sign on a wall

Charlie Chaplin is a British silent comedy actor. A lot of people love this series despite the lack of dialogue. However, what makes the series popular is Charlie’s funny actions.

He was famous for his quotes that say your day is a waste when you can’t laugh. This typography used that quote to draw his figure, which is impressive. You will truly see what this man is and how he has put smiles on many faces.

Bike Like a New Yorker by Jason Leiva

Many typography posters portray respect for each other. This poster by Jason Leiva shows that respecting the pedestrian lane, whether you are a biker, someone who walks, or on a car, will not reduce your personality.

Some People Refuse To Be Default by Ahmed Galal

This quote is an inspiring one. It looks creative when in typography, and it inspires people to not just stay on what they are. Change is always around us, and becoming who you want to be is not a bad thing.

Creative Manifesto by Fonts in Use

Creative Manifesto is a collection of motivational quotes. It inspires you to become better and reach your dreams. If you encounter mistakes, they are just natural, and what is essential you overcome it.


If you are planning to make typography posters, you can browse the internet for countless examples. The samples vary from announcing events, setting up brands, putting your favorite quotes, and showing them your favorite movie or character. The poster will even look good when you use custom, unique, and stylish fonts.

Just like many people say, there is always a font that will make your project suxccessful. All you need to do is search for the one you think that describes you and your project, and use that font. Find one now and create a new success!

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