Best Calligraphy Fonts You Can Download for Free

Calligraphy Fonts

From logos and letters to invitations and posters, a good font can make the difference between a boring layout and a unique, next-level design. Fonts make a big difference in how people view your design. A curt, Times New Roman font as your main lettering conveys a professional and rigid presentation while a Sacramento font makes your design laid back and casual. Sure, there are fonts that fit most uses, but it is useful to have a variety of fonts in your toolbox.

In this article, we’ve compiled nine of the best calligraphy fonts that you can download for free.

Billowing Script

This font is a contemporary design font inspired by nature. It is characterized by flowing features and irregular lettering design. This Billowing Script feels alive and refreshing. It is recommended for works that require a feeling of youth and vigor.



This font is a funky throwback to the 1960s. Simplicity is the word to describe this font. It is perfect for minimalist designs that have that vintage feel.

The Woodlands

This font is a brush calligraphy font with an outdoorsy feel. It combines inspirations from popular bush calligraphy fonts into stylish, rugged lettering. If you want a font that is a bit rustic and written in freehand, this is the best calligraphy font to use.

Fabfelt Script

The Fabfelt Script is another font that speaks vintage. It features neat, uniform characters with cursive inspirations. This font is mostly used in events as well, or you can also follow this font when you are making posters for events.

Frutilla Script

The Frutilla Script is a modern take on classic cursive lettering. It features an elegant design perfect for wedding invitations and menu lettering. This is best to use when you want to make handmade invitations for an upcoming event.

Aprillia Script

The Aprilla Script is a new script that features boldface characters. It has a bouncy and refreshing feel to it-perfect for energetic designs.

Special Valentine

This Special Valentine Font is one of the more legible fonts on this list, making it perfect for your design’s paragraph lettering. It features a modern calligraphy design that is uniform and easy to read. This is also a great font to use when you want to start a pattern and learn how to write calligraphy.

Silvery Tarjey

Every designer needs a typewriter font. It combines a classic and stylish feel with a curt and uniform design. The Silvery Tarjey is a modern version of the classic typewriter font. If you want to send a letter to someone formally, this font is the best one to use because it shows a very formal vibe when printed on paper.

Da Casa

The Da Casa Font is a simple font that takes inspiration from graffiti lettering. It features a minimalist design that can be used for a variety of designs. This font is perfect for notes, notebooks, or even some cute designs for your next project in school. You can also print this font and use it as a poster in your room.

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